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Recommended Dining in Gaza
    The main mission of the Gaza flotilla, being humanitarian aid, is to bring food to the people of Gaza. Food, being the key word, we want to make sure everyone knows where to get their emergency rations of rice, beans and potatoes, but we were not able to find that. We did, however, manage to find soup kitchens cleverly disguised as fashionable 5-star bistros.

   Unfortunately, the word has not gotten to the management of the soup kitchens as evidenced by the fine linen table cloths, French menus, and neatly groomed waiters. Prices vary, but that's okay since international travelers expect to used credit cards to pay for gourmet meals.

   We have one request for the Flotilla Cruise Line guests, and that is never tell the media where you ate while on camera. When you see a TV crew in the same restaurant you are in, have no fear because they will never report you eating there either because if give the world the proper impression that there is fine dining in Gaza, Hamas will kill them or a random TV crew later, and they know it. So, be sure to stand in one of the designated television camera spots. Some of these can be difficult to find since Gaza City is built up, but have no fear since the film crews know exactly where there are, explaining why you see the same exact rubble backdrops in many newscasts over the years.

   Anyhow, here are just a few places we recommend, some of which are in the hotels you are staying in anyhow. A short walk or taxi ride, usually a Mercedes Benz, down Al Rasheed Street in Gaza will get you from hotel to hotel thus to some of the best dining anywhere in the world.

   Here are our recommendations:
  Aldeira Restaurant    
  Al-Deira HotelLocated in the Aldeira Hotel, the Aldeira Restaurant is on the seaside terrace and serves lovely mezes (small mediterranean-style dishes), including the Gazan speciality Daqqa (a sometimes very spicy chili salad, very nice). They also have some tasty main courses: try the shrimps in tomato sauce, baked in the oven, and served in a clay pot. And don't miss out on the fresh strawberry juice! Enhanced with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, it is higly enjoyable. Remember that the sale of alcohol in Gaza is restricted and that as of most recently, you cannot bring it in with you when you arrive in the Strip  
Contact Info
Al Deira Hotel
Al Rasheed Street
Tel: +972 8  283 8100
             283 8200
             283 8300
Fax: +972 8 283 8400
Email: info@aldeira.ps

General manager
Samir S. Skaik
+972 599 402 746
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  The Roots Club    
The Roots Club offers fine dining. Offers both high end Arabian/Mediterranean cuisine and cheaper fast food at the Big Bite annex. As you can see by these photos, the Roots Club is a first-class party center and dinning facility, something you don't find in areas where there is any need for humanitarian aid, unless of course there is an emergency need for, perhaps, individually wrapped mint-flavored toothpicks.

The restaurant frequently caters for special events, including foreign dignitaries and heads of non-governmental organizations, such as Flotilla Cruise Line passengers.
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More Roots Club Restaurants  
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Contact Info
The Roots Club
Cairo St, Remal
(in the heart of Gaza City)

Tel: +972 8 2888666 
fax: +972 8 2888999

email: info@rootsclub.ps
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  Al Mat'haf Resort    
Al Mat HafThe Al Mat'haf Resort is on a small hill overlooking the sea in Gaza stands “Al-Mathaf” (arabic for “The Museum”, pronounced Al-Mat-Haf), a one-of-a-kind recreation and cultural center that showcases Gaza’s rich historical past and seamlessly blends it into the context of life in modern Gaza. As it’s name suggests, Al-Mathaf is home to Gaza’s finest archaeological museum, which is filled with beautiful artifacts that celebrate Gaza’s rich cultural heritage. Along-side these historical treasures of ancient civilizations, today’s Gazans gathers at Al-Mathaf’s beautiful Restaurant-Café, a center of modern culture and recreation in Gaza. In a time when many in Gaza have forgotten our heritage, Al-Mathaf aims to preserve the regions rich history, provide a venue for modern cultural dialogue, and carry a message for this generation to build a brighter future
Watch the official hotel video here!    
Contact Info
Al Mat'haf Resort
Alrasheed st., Gaza,
P.O.box :1287
Tel :+970 8 2858444
Fax :+970 8 2858440
Mobile :+970 597 418080

Email :info@almathaf.ps
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  Marna House    
A quaint little family-run B&B. Ummmmm, considering the other small hotels, well….. you figure it out

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Review from Lonely Planet.com

"A great small hotel with extremely helpful staff, Marna House feels a bit like a home from home, with an English library available for the use of guests. Rooms are comfortable and airy, with satellite TV and balconies, and rates include tax and breakfast."
  Marna House

Check out the photos on their Facebook page here
Contact Info
Marna House Hotel

Al Remal,
Ahmed Ben Abdel Aziz St.
Tel 	+970 08-2822624
Fax 	+970 08-282332
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