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Gaza Hotel Directory
   Gaza Flotilla Cruise Line participants are sailing around the world, which is of course very expensive, thus they want only the best accommodations when staying in Gaza. While there are many hotels to choose from, we selected a few of the best hotels to recommend. Unfortunately for the Flotilla Cruise Line participants, these hotels do not have the rubble and tent-city image they want to project to the rest of the world, which is why you don't see these hotels on television. So, we thought we'd show the real face of the dire "humanitarian need" the United Nations states does not exist, agreeing with this website.

   So, where is the humanitarian crisis? The hotels offer wireless Internet, so that's not a crisis. The only thing we can think of, considering some of the ships have docked in France, is a dire need for soap, perfume and of course, fondue sets, many of which can be found using this link on eBay.
  Aldeira Hotel    
  Al-Deira HotelThe Aldeira Hotel is the height of Gazan luxury. Featuring massive rooms with a view of the sea, a pleasant (though by Gaza's standards not superb) restaurant (with Shisha pipes, although not allowed in the fine Oriental bedrooms) this is as good it gets. The minibar is non-alcoholic since alcohol is forbidden in Gaza under Hamas rule.

Aldeira will supply a hairdryer, towels, soap, shampoo and conditioner, and a little plate of cookies. Don't be alarmed that the water tastes salty. The Deira has a back-up generator in the event of power outages, a business center and WiFi. Breakfast is complimentary.


Editors Notes: Their website is amazing. Visit www.aldeira.ps for an online tour. It is funny that most international journalists and NGOs stay at the Deira and then report Gaza as reduced to a pile of rubble by Israel.
Contact Info
Al Deira Hotel
Al Rasheed Street
Tel: +972 8  283 8100
             283 8200
             283 8300
Fax: +972 8 283 8400
Email: info@aldeira.ps

General manager
Samir S. Skaik
+972 599 402 746
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  Commodore Hotel    
The Commodore Hotel boasts a sauna, jacuzzi, massage, , free high-speed Internet, multiple restaurants, a swimming pool and 24-hour room service.

Reviews at www.tripadvisor.com state:

"Hotel Commodore is a great hotel that offers nice service. The staffs were very friendly and professional. The rooms provide a nice view of the sea."

"Stayed at the Commodore for just a few days and wish it could have been longer"
  Commodore Hotel in Gaza
Contact Info
Commodore Hotel
Rasheed St. - Sea Side,
Gaza City

(More to be posted soon) 
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  Grand Palace Hotel    
The Grand Palace calls itself "one of the best hotels in Gaza city. Built to exceed customers expectation as it is located at the beach side of Gaza city with the direct beach view, the hotel welcomes its guests."

Reviews at www.tripadvisor.com state:

"Grand Palace hotel is one the best place to stay in Gaza.They have a fantastic service with a very clean accommodation. It is located on a beautiful view of the beach. "
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Front entrance photo from www.tripadvisor.com
Contact Info
 Grand Palace Hotel
Tel: +972 8 2849498
Fax: +970 8 2849497

Email: info@grandpalace.ps

Grand Palace Hotel,
Al Rasheed Street, Gaza
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  Al Mat'haf Hotel    
Al Mat HafThis hotel, it its own words: "Al-Mathaf a Hotel and cultural center that showcases Gaza's rich historical past and seamlessly blends it into the context of life in modern Gaza."

Please don't forget to check out the 'museum' page on their website!
Watch the official hotel video here!    
Contact Info
Al Mat'haf Hotel 
Alrasheed st., Gaza
P.O.box :1287
Tel :+970 8 2858444
Fax :+970 8 2858440
Mobile :+970 597 418080
Email :info@almathaf.ps
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  Marna House    
A quaint little family-run B&B. Ummmmm, considering the other small hotels, well….. you figure it out

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Review from Lonely Planet.com

"A great small hotel with extremely helpful staff, Marna House feels a bit like a home from home, with an English library available for the use of guests. Rooms are comfortable and airy, with satellite TV and balconies, and rates include tax and breakfast."
  Marna House

Check out the photos on their Facebook page here
Contact Info
Marna House Hotel

Al Remal,
Ahmed Ben Abdel Aziz St.
Tel 	+970 08-2822624
Fax 	+970 08-282332
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  Arcmed Al Mashtal Hotel    
You have to love the marketing campaign. Despite all of the above, this hotel opened in June, 2011 with healines such as "First five-star hotel opens in Gaza, without guests" in newspapers such as Ha'aretz. which states: "(The) hotel gleams with marble floors, five luxury restaurants and a breezy cafe overlooking the territory's white sandy beaches and sparkling blue Mediterranean Sea."

You will love the video on their website!
  Marna House
Contact Info
1/1000 Salah Khalaf Street, Gaza
P.: 00 970 8 2832500
F.: 00 970 8 2832510
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